Which Capital is Most Important? An integrated thinking perspective

I’m a huge advocate of the multi-capital model and have been using it going on 15 years to drive better thinking and communication. So it’s pretty common for people to ask me questions like, “I get that the capitals are important but which one is the most important?” Or, “Isn’t [this one capital] more important than the others?” They might fill in the blank with people or intellectual property or money or information technology, which is invariably their specialty. It’s a pretty natural thing. There are (as there should be) experts in each form of capital. Every organization hires experts in different domains to operate at its best. But these experts can get stuck in silos.  It can be hard for them to accept that their favorite form of capital isn’t somehow more important than others. Continue reading “Which Capital is Most Important? An integrated thinking perspective”

3 Examples of Systems Thinking in Action


You know it when you see it. People and companies that understand that their actions occur in a larger context. They do the right thing and it turns out to be the smart thing. And the most profitable choice in the long run. The technical term for this is integrated or systems thinking, learning to see both the components of a system as well as the big picture. Continue reading “3 Examples of Systems Thinking in Action”

Reputation Is the New Bottom Line

I’m a numbers person. But I’m also a business person whose career began as the industrial era was giving way to a new era. This new era is fueled by information technologies and a new sensibilities about the proper role and responsibilities for business. In this new era, your reputation is as or more important than your financial bottom line. So, I have had to learn to look beyond the numbers.  Continue reading “Reputation Is the New Bottom Line”

The Roots of the Multicapital Model in Integrated Reporting

The Integrated Reporting Movement is a world-wide undertaking by thousands of businesspeople and companies who are seeking to drive better thinking, action and communication in business.

One of the key elements of the IIRC Framework is the multi-capital model. The Framework includes six capitals that draw from three traditions: Continue reading “The Roots of the Multicapital Model in Integrated Reporting”