How to Develop a Corporate Value Creation Model

The phrase value creation gets thrown around a lot lately.  At a fundamental level, the purpose of every company is to create sustainable value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Value creation is at the heart of the integrated reporting framework from the IIRC. And the latest intellectual capital model from WICI. These models and the dozens that have come before them are all helpful introductions to the concept of value creation.

The problem is that these models are all generic. They tell you that there are categories of capitals that every company has. It’s much more powerful to take the concept a step further and identify the actual capitals that a specific company has. Continue reading “How to Develop a Corporate Value Creation Model”

Taking Integrated Reporting Online

More and more companies in the U.S. are beginning to combine their financial, intangible and sustainability stories into a single integrated report. This innovative approach to reporting content is also leading to innovative means of presentation, including robust online interactive reports.

In a recent study I completed of ten U.S. integrated reports, seven of the ten companies provided a web presentation of their report: Continue reading “Taking Integrated Reporting Online”

12 Questions for Integrated Reporting Consulting

Businessman chooses the right path. Vector illustration Eps10. Success, career

I just finished an analysis of ten U.S. integrated reports. It was an iterative process, reading all of them and then trying to distill down the unique differences among them.  I got it down to twelve factors. Continue reading “12 Questions for Integrated Reporting Consulting”

The Missing Link in ESG Integration with Finance

What is the connection between Finance and ESG?

There’s an exciting development in the investment world. Investors are realizing that companies that are good at ESG (environmental, social and governance management) offer good returns.  Why? Well that’s where it gets a little less clear.  I’d like to offer an explanation using the integrated model. Continue reading “The Missing Link in ESG Integration with Finance”