Three Examples of Systems Thinking in Action

Business today requires the systems thinking offered by the integrated reporting movement


You know it when you see it. People and companies that understand that their actions occur in a larger context. They do the right thing and it turns out to be the smart thing. And the most profitable choice in the long run. The technical term for this is integrated or systems thinking, learning to see both the components of a system as well as the big picture. Continue reading “Three Examples of Systems Thinking in Action”

How to Bring Intangible Assets into the Open

What if one day your phone rings, and it’s a colleague who wants to talk with you about a company. This company has been around for decades and has grown steadily in recent years. It has good people. Although it has had a rough time in the last recession, it is holding its own and believes that it will be able to benefit from a strengthening economy. Its market holds promise of innovation and growth…Would you take the call? Does this sound interesting enough that you would recommend a deeper look to you as a potential partner, investor, board member or employee? Continue reading “How to Bring Intangible Assets into the Open”