Southwest’s One Report – A Great Example of Integrated Reporting

Southwest has been issuing an integrated report since 2010, which probably makes it one of the earliest integrated reporters in the U.S. This longevity adds to the power of the report as the company is able to share five years of comparable data on key metrics. Continue reading “Southwest’s One Report – A Great Example of Integrated Reporting”

Intro to the Integrated Reporting Movement for U.S. Companies

IIRC Multi-Capital Value Creation Model

General Electric recently released a new report for its shareholders called an “Integrated Summary Report.” It provides a high-level strategic summary of the contents of their annual, sustainability and proxy reports. GE is the latest in a handful of U.S. companies and hundreds around the world that have begun issuing integrated reports.

This post will give you context on the integrated reporting movement and some thoughts on if/how you might want to start considering this approach to measuring, managing and reporting about your business. Continue reading “Intro to the Integrated Reporting Movement for U.S. Companies”

Market Basket – The Case for Sustainable Value Creation

Market Basket makes the case for sustainable value creationHere in New England we lived the Market Basket saga a couple years ago. It was an unforgettable cautionary tale for all businesses. And a guide for modern management. If you’re not from around here, you can live it through the great book We Are Market Basket by Daniel Korschun  or at his appearance at the XPX Boston Summit next week.

These deep lessons on business come from an unlikely source: a regional grocery store chain that doesn’t even have a website. Here’s the abridged version of the story. The grocery chain was founded in 1917 in Lowell, MA, a struggling mill town. From its first store to its 75th, the chain kept a strong focus on providing high quality products at low prices to its customers who live on limited or fixed incomes. Continue reading “Market Basket – The Case for Sustainable Value Creation”